Weather Station

HP2000 Solar Weather Professional Station

  • Size:195*138*20mm
  • TFT color display
  • WIFI Connection
  • Battery life: More than 12 months
  • Upload weather data to automatically
  • Lux Meter(solar power inedex)
  • SD card memory

Specification of Solar Weather Station:

  • Indoor temperature range: -40°C to 60°C
  • Outdoor temperature range: -40°C to 60°C
  • Temperature accuracy: +/-1.0°C
  • Indoor humidity range: 1% to 95%RH
  • Humidity accuracy: +/-5 %
  • Rain volume display: 0-9999 mm
  • Wind speed: 0-160 km/h
  • Pressure range: 700-1100 hpa

Features of Solar Weather Station:

  • TFT color display
  • Time display, including Hour, Minutes, Date
  • Automatic daylight saving time function.
  • Weather Symbols
  • Indoor air humidity/temperature measure and display.
  • Outdoor air humidity/temperature receiving and display.
  • Wind speed and wind direction display
  • Wind chill and Dew point temperature display
  • Rainfall data in 1hour,24hours, one week, one month and toal since last reset
  • Barometric pressure display
  • Hi/low alarm
  • Records of all minimum and maximum values along with time and date of their recordings.
  • UV IndexLt
  • Lux Meter(solar power inedex)
  • SD card memory
  • Wifi connection
  • Upload weather data to automatically

Solar Weather StationInternet Protocol Solar weather station

  • Size:79*55.5*58.5mm
  • Cable Connection to Router
  • Automatic upload the data to PC
  • Remote Server Network Settings
  • Auto Warning Report Settings


  • Receive the weather data from the transmitter
  • Allows you to upload weather data to the internet real time
  • Perfect for remote monitoring
  • Cable connection to router

Indoor data

  • Indoor temperature range: -40°C--60°C (-40℉ to + 140℉) (show --- if outside range)
  • Resolution: 0.1°C
  • Measuring range rel. humidity : 1%~99%
  • Resolution: 1%
  • Measuring range air pressure: 300-1100hPa (8.85-32.5inHg)
  • Accuracy: +/-3hpa under 700-1100hPa
  • Resolution: 0.1hPa (0.01inHg)
  • Alarm duration: 120 sec.

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