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Automation projects at Simba

Age Technologies completed a system upgrade and new installation at Simba situated in Isando which will make the company compliant with environmental specifications.

Scope of work includes:

  • The automation systems to upgrade the Boil Out and Screening section of Simba's Effluent Clean-out Plant
  • The supply of a new automation and control system for their Clarifier.
  • Assisting in fully automating the previously labour intensive process at the plant.

Automation of each section of the plant was achieved via a PLC system utilizing touch screen Panel View HMI's allowing operators to control the entire process remotely from the control room. The Clarifying system was acting as the master to the Decanter Centrifugal System that was used to separate solids from water. The Decanter is also PLC driven.

AGE Technologies provided professional System Integration of Automation and Electrical Engineering projects into Industry providing customers with cost effective solutions incorporating leading edge products from concept to design, through to final commissioning as well as maintenance.



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