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HGTT Temperature transmitter

HGTT Temperature transmitter 

HGTT Temperature transmitterHGTT temperature transmitters are the new generation of intelligent field bus transmitter with HART technology. 

HGTT transmitters integrates abundant function block and utilize not only normal measurement function but also complicated control strategy. 

HGTT can use multiple resistance thermometer sensors with digital technology to broaden the measuring range and provide easier connection between field and control room, and reduce the expense on maintenance. 

HGTT broadly used in the chemical industry, metallurgy and oil fields.  

Main features: 

  1. Superior performance 
    1. High accuracy: ±0.1% 
    2. Low temperature drift: <50ppm/℃ 
  2. Flexibility 
    1. Support for multiple thermal resistance and thermocouple sensors; 
    2. Thermal resistance supports 2,3 wire connection mode; 
    3. Equipped with cold end compensation function. 
  3. Support HART Protocol

Click here to download the HGTT Temperature transmitter Spec Sheet

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