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An Off-Grid Energy Storage & Generator For A Remote Island Resort

  • 8/1/2018 1:13:00 PM

Any business, irrespective of the industry it is in, requires a steady stream of energy to function optimally. This is not only essential for productivity but critical for the functionality of your business’ hardware. While UPSs are an effective way to protect machinery and power the most business-critical systems, the next step to ensuring the prime operation of your facility is through solar PV solutions.

At AGE Technologies, we are a listed Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) company. This means we are able to finance, design and engineer, supply, construct and maintain your commercial grid-tied solar PV solution. We are passionate about making renewable energy an option for businesses across sub-Saharan Africa and beyond, irrespective of the challenges faced, we will design and construct a solution that successfully addresses it.


We gladly share our latest project at IDDC with you.

The owners of an exclusive island resort, with no grid connection whatsoever, initiated this project. Their goal was to reduce their dependency on generator power, to cut their power generation costs and to follow the green initiative of the group they belong to.

The island, which is situated 400 metres from the nearest mainland, brought some interesting logistical issues we had to overcome. But at AGE Technologies we love ourselves a challenge.


The AGE Solution

The solution has 60Kwp of ground mounted fixed tilt Solar PV with a 4000Ah battery energy storage system and generator integration linked to two generators.

The battery system provides 100kWh of useable stored energy. The AC power capacity of the system is 48KW. Due to the nature of business, the system we built has to cope with massively fluctuating loads.

Due to the location of the project, a lot of attention had to be given to temperature and humidity control in the inverter room.

The Plant monitoring is done via a GSM router and local dedicated server installed on the island. The system allows for the monitoring of all parameters, Power Consumption, from both Generator and PV system, including:

  • Power factor
  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Battery state of charge,
  • PV production,
  • Alarm monitoring

Thanks to a bespoke metering solution designed for billing purposes by AGE Technologies, the vendor is fully compliant in supplying the accurate billing information received from the system. All systems are accessible via remote login and monitoring platform.

AHR Technologies was responsible for the complete design, purchase, manufacturing and commissioning of the system. In partnership with a local company, we carried out the installation.

Products used in this project

For this project the main components were TRINA solar PV modules , VICTRON Inverters , MPPT units and battery chargers and the battery energy storage bank used Hoppecke flooded cell batteries.

Significant features of the solution

One hurdle that had to be overcome was that the ground mount structure’s main supports could not be buried fully into the ground as the island is volcanic and it was impossible to dig to the full depth of foundations required. This challenge was resolved by casting concrete posts around the main supports of the ground mount structure.

For more information about the off-grid and grid-tied solutions AGE Technologies can offer your facility contact:

Mike Kirby