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AGE Technologies: What lies ahead for 2018?

  • 7/11/2018 1:35:00 PM
AGE Technologies: What lies ahead for 2018?

When the economy slows down, as is the case in South Africa currently, you need loyal customers, suppliers and employees to sustain your business. I want to express my appreciation to our customers and suppliers for their continued support during a difficult first quarter of 2018. A special word of thanks to all AGE Technologies’ staff members for their hard work and dedication to streamline our business processes, to improve our software and design standards, and to focus on improving the quality of the solutions we deliver.


One of the highlights was the establishment of our Project Management Office, which will ensure that all projects across all business units will be executed to the same quality standards and to the PMI’s methodology. Over the next six months, our people will continue with professional development that will not only result in project excellence but also assist them in becoming trusted advisors to our customers. We have seen a significant improvement in the 2nd quarter of 2018 and we are looking forward to a strong second half of 2018.


With 4Sight Holding’s acquisition of AGE Technologies in late 2017, we have focussed our efforts in the first half of this year to align our business with the Group’s strategy of helping our customers with Digitization. We provide the technology and expertise to connect the real world to the digital world. In the first six months of this year, our group of companies have grown to more than 20 companies, providing Industry 4.0 solutions to our customers. This is a huge achievement, if you consider that AGE Technologies was one of the first acquisitions with BluESP to form the Mining Cluster in 4Sight Holdings, only 9 months ago. Today, we have the capability in 4Sight Holdings to assist customers with their digital transformation so they are able to realise value by using technologies such as automation, IIOT, advanced control, simulation, artificial intelligence and Machine Learning. We start this process with a site wide assessment at our customer’s establishment where we survey their technologies and propose a Digitization roadmap which includes what the return of investment could be.


Our CEO, Norman Jackson, has decided to step down from the position of CEO after many years of dedicated service to AGE Technologies. Norman was one of the founding members of the company and played a crucial role in growing AGE Technologies to one of the leading Engineering companies in South Africa. Under his leadership, AGE Technologies expanded its expertise from System Integration to Green Energy, Electrical, Instrumentation and ICT. He took the company through the Acquisition by 4Sight and helped with this exciting transition. Norman will still serve as a non-executive director on our board. I want to personally thank Norman for his lifetime contribution to the company and all the people he helped to develop and grow. We wish him all the best in his new ventures in life.