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Motor Management the AGE Way!

  • 6/8/2018 9:55:00 AM
Motor Management the AGE Way!

There is no use denying or shying away from the inevitable: Technology is becoming smarter, more integrated and efficient. The sooner manufacturing plants buy into the fourth industrial revolution through technologies like the IoT, Big Data etc., the sooner businesses can unlock the benefits involved, which basically boils down to faster, smarter, more streamlined processes.


This is a concept that can be beneficial to each and every manufacturing operation across the globe. Especially when applied to processes that are making use of low voltage motors. Currently, the only way to flush out issues and prevent malfunctions are through regular maintenance or connected motors, something that is generally only applied to a selected few due to the cost implications. However, sensors have become more convenient, clever and cost-effective, making it more accessible and applicable to all processes. How? Through micro-electro mechanical systems (MEMS). With MEMS rotating monitoring is possible. When utilising the technology, real-time data regarding the condition of motors can be streamed to smart devices, allowing a manufacturing plant to stay on top of the functionality of each and every motor.


The result? Timely maintenance and servicing of motors, minimal downtime and enhanced machine life. Not to mention the peace of mind and safety-related benefits gained by knowing the state of each motor, and being able to predict (and plan/budget for) upgrades and replacement motors ahead of time.


Medium voltage motors, on the other hand, come with their own set of unique challenges, which are not as easily addressed as lower voltage motors. Predictive information on larger motors is more difficult to obtain and break-down but it isn’t impossible. By combining automated diagnosis techniques and the IoT, early detection and real-time communication to the right people regarding the health of larger motors is a great place to start.


At AGE Technologies we are able to provide your plant with the necessary automation instrumentation needed to monitor the health of your motors quickly and cost-effectively.