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4Sight Holdings: A memorable first quarter

  • 5/8/2018 1:06:00 PM

At AGE Technologies, we get excited about three things: automation technology (and everything surrounding it), using our expertise to improve our customers’ challenges, and change that brings forth bigger, better things. Being part of the 4Sight Holdings Group ensures that we can tick all three boxes on a frequent basis.

As a newly JSE AltX board-listing, 4Sight Holdings is making sure that 2018 will be one to remember. Although the company has been busy with industry 4.0 business acquisitions since its inception, the past couple of months have been extremely eventful. Here are some of the highlights of the year so far:


JANUARY: Foursight South Africa and its subsidiaries joins 4Sight Holdings

In January, 4Sight Holdings acquired Foursight South Africa, a holdings company for Industry 4.0 companies within data science, process mining, enterprise architecture, to name a few. The similarity in names and modus operandi of the two companies are no coincidence. Antonie van Rensburg , 4Sight’s CEO and Gary Lauryssen, 4Sight director, are the founders and directors of Foursight South Africa too.

"The acquisition complements the 4Sight Holdings strategy of investing into Industry4.0 subsidiaries which enables 4Sight Holdings to offer intelligent algorithms for decision-support in multiple industries, and in various key business processes," the Group said.


FEBRUARY: Willie Ackerman joins the 4Sight team

In February, Willie Ackerman joined the team as the group’s chief sales officer. Ackerman, who was influential at securing new business avenues at BCX, the renowned information and communication technology company (ICT), has been appointed to unlock potential for 4Sight within the mining and manufacturing sectors.

According to IT Web, Ackerman is a man on a mission and his “immediate goals include formulating a strong go-to-market strategy for the group, as well as deliver end-to-end digitalisation to our client base and ensure they receive and experience the full spectrum of our offering.”


MARCH: 4Sight signs a MOU for a joint venture in China

With a strong presence in 25 countries across the world, most of which are in Europe, Africa and the Americas, 4Sight is adamant to expand its presence in Asia.

Which is why in late March, 4Sight visited Beijing’s Shenzhen Rongmei Science and Technology (RM). Here, a memorandum of understanding (MOU) was signed with RM’s Sun Mao Jin for a 50:50 joint venture in China.

The group released a statement saying that: "The 4Sight board subscribes to the use and deployment of local teams in the different regions and has recently closed various contracts in the telecommunications and mining industries in the Asia region, but decided to investigate a formal joint venture model in the Chinese market."


APRIL: 4Sight acquires AccTech Systems and its subsidiary Dynamics Africa Services

One of 4Sights most recent acquisitions include AccTech Systems. AccTech Systems, is behind industry leading professional services such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Point of Sale solutions. With 84 industry awards won in the last several years alone, AccTech is a phenominal addition to 4Sight’s bouquet of specialist services. In addition to AccTech, 4Sight also acquired its subsidiary, Dynamics Africa Services, one of the largest value-added resellers of Microsoft Dynamics in the Middle East and Africa (MEA). Microsoft Dynamics is considered to be one fo the world’s most universal software platforms, and through this acquisition 4Sight can captilise on enterprise cloud migration within Africa.

In a statement, group CEO, Antonie van Rensburg explains: "Our objective is to provide industry 4.0-related solution services and implement relevant end-to-end technology stacks across key industry verticals, to help companies visualise, digitise, analyse and optimise their data, systems and operations.” According to van Rensburg, cloud computing is at the core of a company’s technological advances towards digital trnasformation.


AGE Technologies is proud and excited to be a part of this adventure.