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Equip your company for the future with heavy-duty industrial panel PCs

  • 12/14/2017 9:15:00 AM

The manufacturing industry is constantly changing and evolving into a better version of itself. To prevent falling behind, companies need to ensure that they change along with it. How do they do this? By investing in the right upgrades, solutions and equipment at the right time.


The robust industrial panel PCs, which are suitable for the harshest of industrial settings, are one of the steps in achieving this. IEI’s iRIS remote management panel PCs will assist your company on its journey towards Industry 4.0.


5 Reasons to invest in a heavy-duty industrial panel PC:


1. It is robust – Industrial touch screen panel PCs have been built to withstand all the challenges of the factory floor including vibration, shock and heavy use from multiple individuals.


2. It is flexible – Use your industrial panel PC in a variety of ways. Mount it on walls or integrate with other equipment and control panels. Update with advanced software at any time.


3. It is easy to clean – Dust, dirt and spillage is a given in any factory. Industrial panel PCs can therefore be wiped down easily. IP65 rated front bezel panel PCs are dust and waterproof.


4. It has a built-in cooling system (Fanless) ­­– Normal PCs have built-in fans that cool down the hardware. In an industrial environment fan cooling will cause the system to suck in dust and dirt, which is why a fanless cooling system is ideal in this environment.


5. It will save you time – In the manufacturing industry time is money. Nobody has time to sit down, adjust a chair, keyboard and mouse into a suitable position before being able to complete the task at hand. That is why a mounted touchscreen PC panel is such a huge time saver. Tasks can be completed on the go.