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Why Solar Energy?

solar energy systemsSolar energy, one of the renewable energy source, appeals the interest of the customers, regarding the increasing energy demand and, becomes oftenly a topic in energy sector. Because sun is an unexhausted clean source of energy and not affected by political and economical crisis and issues.

There are numerous studies to encourage the sustainability of energy demand of Turkey from solar energy, aim to reduce the dependency on the fossil fuels.  The photovoltaic systems that convert solar energy to electrical energy, due to its contribution to humanity, environment and nature, almost has no operating cost, provides an andantage to its users. The length of expected useful life of the system (25 years) and the shortterm payback of the investment make the photovoltaic systems more appealing and demanding.

Monocrystalline Silicon Solar Cells

Solar cells made of monocrystalline silicon (mono-Si), also called single-crystalline silicon (single-crystal-Si), are quite easily recognizable by an external even coloring and uniform look, indicating high-purity silicon, as you can see on the picture below:

solar energy systems 

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