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Fuel Displacement Technology

A  PV system complements the diesel Gen-Sets. It can supply additional energy when loads are high or relieve the Gen-Set to minimize its fuel consumption. In addition, excess energy could optionally be stored in batteries, making it possible for the hybrid system to use more solar power even at night. Intelligent management of various system components ensures optimal fuel economy and minimizes CO2 emissions.

What are the advantages of a photovoltaic diesel hybrid system?

In contrast to power supply systems using diesel Gen-Sets, and despite their higher initial cost, PV systems can be amortized in as little as four to five years, depending on the site and system size, they also have lower operating costs. In addition, PV systems are flexible and can be expanded on a modular basis as the energy demand grows. Compared to pure Gen-Set systems, a photovoltaic diesel hybrid system provides numerous advantages:

  • Lower fuel costs
  • Reduced risk of fuel price increases and supply shortages, thanks to optimized planning
  • Minimal CO2 emissions (protects the environment and facilitates CO2 certificate trading)

Industrial loads

Application-specific load profiles, such as heavy-duty industrial loads for mining or processing raw materials as well as for agricultural use, are generally characterized by loads with high starting currents and widely fluctuating load curves. Intelligent system management ensures that generation and load are perfectly matched. It achieves constant system stability by reacting quickly to generation and load performance spikes, such as when a conveyor belt is turned on.

When and where does a photovoltaic diesel hybrid system make sense?

For industrial, large-scale loads in remote regions, complementing diesel Gen-Sets with photovoltaics is the ideal solution under the following conditions:

1.    When the effective cost of diesel exceeds one US dollar per liter.
2.    When intelligent communication between the Gen-Set and PV systems facilitates demand-oriented use of PV power.
3.    When local solar irradiation conditions allow the use of PV. It’s especially economically viable with PV yields above 1,500 kWh/kWp.