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Age Technologies is a leading supplier of PV / Solar systems and solutions, including PV / solar monitoring systems. A PV / Solar monitoring system is greatly beneficial for companies that make use of solar power – helping them to get the most form their photovoltaic systems.

Age Technologies supplies PV / Solar monitoring systems that fit our clients’ needs and expectations. If you are in need of a service provider for photovoltaic / solar monitoring systems, contact the leading solar solutions company in Sub-Saharan Africa for more information.

The importance of PV / Solar Monitoring Systems

A PV / Solar monitoring system is important to ensure the reliable functioning and performance of the solar energy system. The display screen on the inverter is the most basic monitoring of the PV systems, supplying you with information like values for the PV array power, AC grid power, PV array. Remote connection offer the users the ability to access other important data, such as the Modbus TCP/RTU and other RS232/485 and Ethernet protocols. These system are able to send warnings and alerts via messages to the control center or user. Alerts and system messages can be send by SMS service, GSM, fax machine and more.

Other data logging hardware is also available from Age Technologies, which will log and record data and information for later access.  These data logging systems can be upgraded according to your specific needs, and will offer you a detailed overview of the solar / PV system’s performance, including various environmental and additional system related parameters.

Age Technologies offers clients a convenient and sophisticated PV / solar monitoring system solution that will fit their specific needs. When it comes to your solar system needs, you can rely on Age Technologies. We are a leading solar solutions service provider in the Sub-Saharan Africa, and will supply you with all the products and services you will require for your solar system needs. Our range of products include solar cables, substring boxes, DC combiner boxes, DC protection boxes, PV inverters, AC protection boxes, weather stations, solar monitoring systems. Other solar solutions form Age Technologies includes Power purchase agreements, fuel displacement solutions, grid tie in solutions, solar energy systems and security systems.

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