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Ultrasonic Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Flow Meter 

Ultrasonic flow meter is designed to measure the velocity of liquid within a closed conduit. It uses the well-known transit‐time measurement principle, plus our proprietary signal processing and ultrasonic transceiving technologies. 

Ultrasonic Flow Meter A pair of ultrasonic transducers is mounted on the pipe upstream and downstream respectively. Each transducer serves as both ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. The main unit operates by alternately transmitting and receiving a coded burst of sound energy between the two transducers. The transit times in the upstream direction as well as in the downstream direction is measured. The difference of the two transit times is directly and exactly related to the velocity and the liquid in the pipe. 

Ultrasonic flow meters 

  • Compact cast aluminium shell 
  • Output 4~20mA, or (cumulative pulse, frequency, electric relay output) 
  • RS232 or RS485 interface, 
  • 2 Input channels 4~20 mA signal (Temperature\Pressure\level)

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