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Liquid Turbine Flow Meter

Liquid Turbine Flow meter 

Turbine Flow meters have a simple structure, high accuracy, good repetitiveness, fast response time and easy maintenance. It is widely used for liquids which are not corrosive to stainless steel, and do not have fibre or particles. The liquid must also have a kinematic viscosity less than 50×10-6m2/s. 

Liquid Turbine Flow meter  Features 

  • High accuracy: ±1%, ±0.5%, ±0.2% 
  • Good repetitiveness: 0.05% ~ 0.2%  
  • Output of pulse frequency signal, suitable for totalizer and connection with PC; no zero shift and interference resistant  
  • High frequency signal (3~4 kHz), strong signal resolution 
  • Turndown: 1:20, 1:10 
  • Compact structure & easy maintenance

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