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SCADA Development

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SCADA an industrial control system that works on a computer-based system to monitor and control automation and engineering processes. We are focused towards the development of SCADA; doing system overviews, data storage, batching and recipe programmes. Click Here to complete our training enquiries form.

AGE utilises the following packages to further develop its SCADA systems:

Wonderware Intouch HMI Software

Wonderware Intouch’s Supervisory Software solution is a Human Machine Interface (HMI) with remarkable graphical capabilities providing incredible power and flexibility for application design & connectivity for various automation devices. It is ideal for the automation, engineering and system integration industry and is used in over 30% of the world’s plants. Intouch Supervisory Control offers an easy-to-use software solution to improve SCADA by:

  • Efficiency across disparate automation systems and equipment;
  • Increasing productivity whilst reducing risks and costs; and
  • Responding faster to product changes and expansion.

ArchestraA architecture Software

ArchestraA architecture is a comprehensive, industrial automation and information architecture designed to run or expand older plants more efficiently, and is optimal to build new plants. It reduces a plant’s total cost of management through easy installation, operation, modification, maintenance and replication of automation applications.

Instead of programming software applications, ArchestraA software enables automation and engineering processes to be assembled allowing instant integration of application information.

Adroit Technologies SCADA systems

Adroit Technologies’ latest automation technology development, VIZNET Industrial Portal, is a reliable, proven, high performance and open SCADA system. VIZNET is a secure, web-enabled, datavisualisation tool able to collaborate with data from a variety of different sources.

Factory Link SCADA Software

FactoryLink is a multi-user, real-time SCADA solution that collects critical information from plant floor devices and distributes it to decision makers. It is specifically designed for Windows operating systems and is the first SCADA system developed on this standard. It is highly scalable, capable to build the simplest HMI to the most complex SCADA system. FactoryLink is also applied to monitor, control and supervises processes in a variety of industries.

Monitor Pro

Siemens Simatic WinCC HMI Software

Siemens’ SCADA package: SimaticWinCC is ideal for the use of HMI Software in all applications where operator control and monitoring are required on-site, either in production, process or automation.

Rockwell RSView 32 SCADA Software

Rockwell Automation’s RSView 32 SCADA package is an integrated component-based HMI for monitoring and controllingautomation machines and processes. RSView 32 expands your view with open technologies. It provides unprecedented connectivity to other Rockwell Software products, Microsoft products and third party applications.

RSViewME Software

RSViewME (Machine edition) is Rockwell Automation’s computer-based training course that teaches one to effectively create, build and test a HMI making use of RSViewME software.


RSViewSE (Supervisory Edition) from Rockwell Automation enables users to create HMI systems that range in scale from a single machine to networked systems.

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