Industrial Automation

Industrial Automation Companies in South Africa

  • In the telephone operated industry, automated telephone switchboards and answering machines have replaced once-ubiquitous telephone operators;
  • In the medical industry, automated systems have replaced medical processes such as primary screening in radiography and electrocardiography, as well as laboratory analysis of human cells, genes, tissues, and sera. Automated systems are able to carry out these processes at a much greater speed and accuracy;
  • In the banking industry, automated teller machines have in some way replaced the need for bank visits to carry out transactions and obtain cash; and
  • In general, automation was the main reason for the world economy shifting from agrarian to industrial in the 19th century, and from industrial to services in the 20th century.

AGE Technologies provides industrial automation and integration solutions for your specific industry and application needs; ranging from the design, consultation, system development, commissioning and support of your systems integrations. Contact us for Turnkey Industrial Automation Projects.

Advantages of Industrial Automation in South Africa

  • Improving the economy. Industrial automation improves the economy through enterprises, society, and humankind. Examples of these improvements are when an enterprise which invested in automation technology is rewarded for its investment; when a country or state experience an increase in income due to automation;
  • Replacing humans in tasks which takes place in dangerous environments;
  • Replacing human operators in tedious tasks; and
  • Making tasks possible that is beyond the capabilities of humans. Some of these tasks are to handle hot or cold substances, large objects, heavy loads, as well as to make things fast or slow.

Automation Systems Integration Projects

AGE Technologies has provided professional System Integration of Automation and Electrical Engineering projects into the following Industries:

At AGE Technologies, we have a legacy of delivering customer specific solutions across the African continent.

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