Automation projects

AGE Technologies have completed a major upgrade at a major steel producer in Vanderbijlpark. The project comprises the replacement of the control system for the Coal Receiving Plant as well as a new Control System, including both the electrical and instrumentation control of the Coal Blending Bed, Coke Making Plant.

The upgrade included:

  • Replacement of all the old PLCs with 14 new PLCs interlocking via ethernet and all controlled via a SCADA system.
  • Replacing the network cables with a wireless network
  • Replacement of mass measurement equipment.
  • Establishment of data collection platform for the Coke Making MES
  • New panels including three Motor Control Centres (MCCs) and two operator desks with PanelView screens controlling the blending process.
  • All of the control equipment including PLC's, IO, power supplies and communication networks, field equipment including limit and proximity sensors, blocked chute detection, belt alignment detection, trip wire switches, emergency stop pushbuttons and encoders.
  • Local isolators, control panels, junction boxes, marshalling cabinets, wiring, cabling and cable racking.
  • Wireless ethernet communication and camera systems
  • A fully commissioned, functional and documented control system
  • All radio networks between the control network, stacker and reclaimer.
  • The supply of an integrated scales system used for bulk verification and process management

During the project AGE Technologies have complied fully with the client's ISO 9001; 2000 safety requirements including the passing of regular safety audits