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Schneider PLC’s support and development

Schneider Electric is the first company to provide programmable logic controllers (PLCs) to the world market and is now further taking the lead in open communications systems through the use of Ethernet technology. (Internet based communication). AGE couldn’t think it otherwise than to support Schneider’s innovative TSX range of PLCs adaptable to specific application requirements:

Schneider Modicon M580 (new)

           The new Controller with Ethernet on the backplane
   Ethernet Remote IO and Distributed IO

Schneider Modicon M340

  • Schneider Modicon M340 –Powerful, small PLC with limited I/O
  • Ideal for complex machine control & medium sized infrastructure applications; and
  • Can be synergised with all Schneider’s automation products.
  • View the Modicon M340 catalogue 

Schneider Modicon Quantum 

  • Schneider Modicon Quantum – The Schneider flagship PLC
  • Industry leading performance & openness;
  • Optimised for process control;
  • Highly flexible with optional memory expansion;
  • Integrate Ethernet with built-in Web server, USB & fieldbus connectivity; and
  • Hot standby functionality ideal for high availability applications.
  • Click here for the Schneider Quantum Catalogue

Schneider Modicon Premium

  • Schneider Modicon Premium – A scalable, medium sized PLC
  • Optimised for discrete manufacturing & small process control applications;
  • Comprehensive range of processors with optional memory card expansion, integrated EtherNet with Web server capability, USB and fieldbus connectivity; and
  • Advanced control system functions
  • Click here for Schneider Modicon Premium brochure

Schneider Modicon Momentum

  • Schneider Modicon Momentum – A small, cheaper PLC used for remote I/O
  • Flexible, modular family of components;
  • Provide solutions for a wide range of distributed I/O & distributed control applications; and
  • Ideal for material handling systems & simple machine control.

Schneider Modicon TSX Micro

  • Schneider Modicon TSX Micro – A small PLC with limited I/O
  • Highly flexible, compact design & intended for smaller applications;
  • Integrated analogue and counter options;
  • Optional Ethernet connectivity;
  • User-removable memory cards; and
  • Easy maintenance and system expansion. 

Advantys Remote I/O

  • Cost effective Remote I/O
  • Onboard communication
  • Communicate Ethernet, Profibus, CanOpen and Modbus
  • Download Advantys Catalogue

984 Slot Mount PLC

  • 984 PLC - An obsolete PLC, but still supported by AGE.

Compact 984 PLC

  • Compact 984 – An obsolete PLC, but still supported by AGE.

A-series PLC

  • A-series PLC – An obsolete PLC, but still supported by AGE.  

Schneider TeSys T