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The importance of upgrading your SCADA software in our evolving digital era

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The importance of upgrading your SCADA software in our evolving digital era

Here's a look at some more of the pros for upgrading your SCADA software:




  1. Costwith the industry dealing with aging infrastructure and the rising cost of ownership, a real-time lens into operational performance with software robust enough to harness an increasing volume of data, helping minimize downtime, shutdowns, and preempt maintenance issues - is crucial in minimizing capital expenditure and maximizing asset performance.
  2. Compatibility
    SCADA software is ‘increasing its role as an integration and business intelligence hub.

  3. Adaptability
    as the industrial landscape continues to advance and organizations re-calibrate with a focus on future-proofing themselves and their systems for the days ahead, adaptability and agility is extremely important for continued efficiency and long-term viability. The flexibility to scale systems to create virtual representations or digital twins will also be key as will the capacity to help organizations deploy a cost-effective stepwise approach to digital transformation

  4. Risks
    in addition to benefiting from the latest functionalities that help empower operators to optimize efficiencies throughout the entire supply chain, ensuring SCADA software is current and in line with evolving industry standards and guidelines will continue to be one of the most important factors in securing critical infrastructure and helping to mitigate cybersecurity risks and other vulnerabilities

  5. Support
    in an era of such rapid change and evolution, ensuring an active support agreement is in place is not only the best insurance policy you could have in helping to maximize the value of existing SCADA investments but also offers serious peace of mind knowing that as operations expand and evolve and organizations advance their digital transformations, support and advice is available – as and when it’s needed

Benefits of upgrading your Citect SCADA software:

  • Superior integration capabilities
  • Leverage the latest innovations and functionalities
  • Secure remote access to data
  • Seamless upgrade capabilities

Let AGE reduce your plant risks, contact us today for a quote to upgrade your software and keep your software in support

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