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Future-proofing your factory the smart way

  • 10/12/2018 8:38:00 AM

Smart factory just makes sense. Utilising forward-thinking technologies is the only way in which any aspect of the manufacturing industry can remain competitive, safe and secure. Plus, as our more in-depth article on this topic suggests, the benefits are far more plentiful than meets the eye.


However, you have to start somewhere, and due the fundamental role sensors play in smart factory, they are the best place to start. At AGE, our partnerships with some of the most innovative technology developers in the world leave customers spoilt for choice.


One such a partner, IFM, is an international specialist in sensor technology. Each of the Group’s sensor products offers extraordinary solutions, and we share two IOT capable products below:


Tamper Proof RFID Sensor

  • This sensor offers the highest protection against tampering through RFID sensors.
  • It offers unique actuator coding.
  • Can connect up to 32 sensors in series without losing the integrity of the level of security.
  • Non-contact RFID sensors ensure reliable monitoring of door status without the risk of wear.
  • Preventative maintenance.


Magnetic Coded Sensor

  • This magnetically coded sensor “attracts” safety, so to speak.
  • It offers activation from different directions.
  • Conceals behind stainless steel for enhanced tamper prevention.
  • Connects in series and will still identify which door is open.
  • Meets the highest safety levels.
  • Offers non-contact door monitoring.
  • Connects easily.
  • Installs just as easily.