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Smarter Control Rooms For The Future of Your Plant

  • 10/12/2018 8:29:00 AM
Smarter Control Rooms For The Future of Your Plant

Any factory or plant is dependent on the hyper productive functionality of all of its processes. It is the only way to successfully secure its future. While there are many technologies that can assist with this on the factory floor, a smart, innovative and integrated control room is a highly effective way to monitor the entire facility, ensure optimal uptime, productivity, quality and safety.


Modern Control Rooms, or Operation/Command Centres as they are also known, require advanced and future-proof control systems as well as a practical approach to design and layout. Why? Because with the new phase of the Internet of Things and the Fourth Industrial Revolution, smart factories need smart control centres that allow Operators to play a more analytical role. In doing so a smarter, more productive and cost-effective factory is achievable.


At AGE Technologies we can update, improve and strengthen your Control Room with the latest, most innovative technologies on the market. The ergonomic and aesthetic layout of your Control Room is just as important as the technologies itself as we know how important the mental alertness and simplicity of monitoring should be.


We provide a full circle service which encompasses all of the following:

  • Control systems design and integration
  • Physical layout and design of all hardware
  • ISO 11064 compliancy
  • Health and safety requirements
  • Lighting, flooring, and ceilings of the room
  • Security and access control