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Energy Saving @ Caxton Tongaat Packaging

  • 9/13/2018 11:59:00 AM
Energy Saving @ Caxton Tongaat Packaging

Energy monitoring is one of the solutions we provide to our customers to determine their exact energy consumption and allow them to effectively monitor and guage their energy usage more cost-effectively.


In the packaging and printing industry, stable and reliable electricity is critical for business, but it should come at the right tariff.


We monitored energy consumption of CTP Packaging over a period of time, examined their current tariff and compared it to another tariff the municipality uses in order to determine the most appropriate and cost-saving tariff for the customer.


In doing so we have successfully saved the customer approximately R300 000 per month.


What we did

Our scope was to connect to the incomer of their plant in order to monitor the energy they used and to determine the peak time usage and total consumption as accurately as possible.


To do so we used a Schneider power meter and also a Schneider comX unit to remotely access the information. The comX also sends the data to the Schneider facility expert web application so that we can monitor and create reports from the accessible information.


We can monitor power consumption, power factor etc. accurately and provide a customer with a comparable checklist to which they can track their current billing and also allow them to view current consumption in real-time.


Let AGE Technologies monitor your energy usage to see whether it is possible to save on your facility’s energy costs. You’ll be happy you did.