System Integrators
System Integrators


Automation System Integrators

AGE customers are continuously demanding improved productivity, which is also the key to an efficient manufacturing process. Partnering with a professional system integrator, like AGE, they can offer you extensive automotive experience in the design, implementation, project management and maintenance for your industrial control systems.

AGE provides automation and integration solutions for your specific industry and application needs. By collaborating with us, we’ll carry you through the design, consultation, system development, commissioning and support of your systems integrations; making sure that your processes are online and in production.

AGE is the preferred partner in providing system integrated solutions to other blue chip, automotive solutions provider companies:

  • Rockwell Automation (Allen-Bradley)
  • Schneider
  • Siemens


Do you need the help of an Automation System Integration company to upgrade your industrial control system? Click on Automation System Integration to submit your enquiry.  



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